Piazza Pizza Ovens - New Zealand's BEST pizza ovens!

Features . . .
Made to special Piazza requirements our ovens are the perfect thickness allowing a quick heat up period and use a natural granite hearth for chemical free cooking. Our Ovens are loaded with special features that make your wood-fired experience safe, enjoyable and easy. We also guarantee the quality of our ovens with a two year warranty!
Designed center piece . . .
​Everyone is after that indoor- out door flow when it comes to designing perfect living spaces.  Create stunning areas with a Piazza Pizza Oven as your ​centerpiece. These's areas are functional, practical and they take your breath away. No matter the size of your garden, we have an oven that will suit your requirements.  ​
Entertainment value . . .
Not only do Piazza Pizza Ovens look great, they turn cooking dinner into an event shared with your guests. With the glow of the oven and the unique flavors and cooking options of a genuine wood fired experience, the cooking process truly is part of the evenings entertainment. 
​Now Stockists of Alfa Pizza Ovens,
​and the New Zealand Distributor.