FAQ's . . .

How do I know what oven is right for me?
Check out the key design features here or give us a call and we will talk you through it 0800 22 42 62

​Are there finance options available for Piazza Pizza Ovens?
You may like to pay for your oven while enjoying using it. We negotiate a deposit
suited to your budget (generally 20%) and work the payments over 24 months.
 Please request a quotation for a finance plan if you wish. Normal lending criteria 

Do Piazza Pizza Ovens come with a warranty? 
Our Pacifica and Tasman commercial ovens comes with a 24 month warranty and all of our other pizza ovens are fully guaranteed for 12 months.

The Oven that I want needs a Hearth what are my options?
We have a selection of base styles in order to complete your wood-fired oven.  Alternatively a hearth can be made by a home handyman from firebricks or using our granite tiles over concrete.  Piazza is happy to supply plans for home built hearths by calling our free calling helpline 0800 22 42 62 and talking to Brent.  Or send an inquiry by email by using this website

Why do Piazza Ovens heat so fast?
All Piazza Ovens come with an interior Core of ceramic high fired at over 1100 degrees. This core is designed to take the initial impact of the heat. Outside of this interior liner a 25ml ceramic insulator and an alloy reflector create the insulation. These work together to minimize heat loss and improve cooking temperatures and exterior safety. The exterior of the oven is finished in a modified waterproof render. These three mediums work together to provide an oven that is fuel efficient, safe to use and capable of close tolerances to flammable surfaces.

How do I know how to install my Piazza Pizza Oven?
We have included instructions on install on our website- under the installation tab. If you have and questions or concerns after reading the instructions, don’t hesitate to get in touch- 0800 22 42 62

The Piazza Oven comes with its own hearth, does this mean it’s good to go? 
Yes, The Piazza GEM and Tasman Ovens arrive fully assembled and ready to light. Simply place
 on a base that suits your favourite relaxing area and start cooking.
You could use railway sleepers, concrete blocks, bricks or river boulders. Ensure
the base is solid and well tied together. The height of your base should be around 900mm. You can even place your oven on a strong wooden garden table if you like.

What can I do to maintain my Piazza Pizza Oven against the weather?
We have the perfect product for that. Aquellux is specifically designed to maintain your Piazza Pizza Oven against the rain and bad weather. You can purchase this from the shop here.
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