Testimonials . . .

“In the immediate aftermath of the September and February Christchurch Earthquakes, we had lost power and gas meaning we had no cooking or heating facilities. Thankfully, our Piazza wood-fired oven came to the rescue and fed not only our family but all our neighbours. Everyone enjoyed hot hearty pizza, roasted chicken and a few wines. It certainly helped calm the nerves and bring a neighbourhood together……. Thanks piazza”
Rod Thomson

“We had a fantastic time and the food,well superb was an understatement. The amount of knowledge and skill you guys have is amazing and so worthwhile to novices like ourselves. We are so excited and cant wait to get our oven fired up and start practicing the ART of pizza cooking.”
John & Larraine Mcmahon

"A Piazza Oven is not just a pizza oven!!! I decided the pizza oven just had to be part of my kitchen and after just a little experimenting; I am cooking the evening meal every night while enjoying the benefits of a toasty warm living area. I love a French/industrial style, so I chose raw metals for the oven base, with a matching bench and stained concrete floor."
Chelsea Stewart, writer of a NZ cook book

“Just thought I would let you know how the oven has gone so far. Its been fantastic. The party at our place was a night where a lot of people who had never made pizzas before had a go, and were still cranking them out well after mid night. Its an awesome oven, we’ve roasted up a lot of meats, including the lamb the local farmer gave me, chicken, veges. Superb taste and easy process to do. Finally my Italian wife, has given the oven the big thumbs up, as the pizzas are as good as what we have had in Italy over the years. So all in all, a resounding success.”
Charlie Geldard
“The Pizza Oven is amazing!!! We’ve had a few friends around and they are all very envious. Pizza’s were delicious and so quick to cook.”
Miriama & T Taufale
​“I have finally got my oven up and running. It’s amazing. Thanks for your help, I am thrilled with the finished product. We had 35 over for a Pizza party two weeks ago; it went well!”
David Hutcheson
"Hi Piazza people
I am just sending you this email to let you know how much I love your pizza
ovens. My brother in-law purchased the Gem about a year and a half ago , he got the family together and we had a pizza party . Well I tell you I was impressed, he did a steak in this oven and I love steak , in fact I have tasted some pretty good steak over the years but what came out of that oven was just so beautiful!! .Then there was the naan bread wow!!! Then came the pizza . It was such a focal point it created a lovely atmosphere and amazing food. Then I had an idea “pizza oven” at my sons 21st , well that was such a hit everyone loved it so much it really made the party . It had that atmosphere ,focal point thing again, people are still talking about it nearly a year later .
So on that note I have gone and brought my own, all ready booked my friends in for pizza. The kids are happy as can be, asking when they can have there mates around. My 21 year old has put in his request for pizza with his mates too. You know what I love about this oven is the togetherness it creates everyone gets involved . There really is something about a fire and cooking with it , but the food that comes out of that oven is amazing. Thanks Piazza people .
P.s They look very cool too! Seriously grinning from ear to ear , when we had our first pizza party I was so busting to get one and now it is sitting out side looking at me can’t wait to fire it up and use it for the first time ,neither can the kids”

Melissa Buttner