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Create a weather proof barrier to protect your wood fired oven from moisture and to help maintain a dry oven. Aquellux S is a state of the art siloxane water repellent which is used to make porous building materials water repellent without changing their appearance. The active component used in the manufacture of Aquellux S is made by a world leader in water repellent technology. Siloxane water repellents are used to protect all motorway bridges in Sweden from damage caused by salt and freezing weather in the European winter; as well as being used to protect many of the important historical buildings throughout Europe and the U.S.A. Aquellux S is in widespread use throughout New Zealand. Aquellux S has many performance characteristics superior to commonly used silicone, siliconate and silane based materials. When applied to a surface Aquellux S typically penetrates to a depth of between 2 and 5 millimetres. Aquellux S then reacts with atmospheric humidity to form a solid tack free resin which lines, without blocking, the pores and capillaries within the surface structure. Water absorption into the building material is stopped or greatly reduced while moisture within the material is still able to evaporate out. Aquellux S has excellent alkali and U.V. resistance. In normal circumstances a treated surface will remain water resistant for more than 10 years depending on the type and condition of the substrate and exposure to weathering. Highly porous surfaces and surfaces more exposed to weathering may require reapplication of Aquellux S more regularly.

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